Review of Premiere Pro CS5

I reviewed Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 for in a review you can find here.

What did I find? Here’s a snippet.

So what’s the overall verdict on Adobe Production Premium CS5? If you have the computing horsepower, the Mercury Engine and CUDA acceleration deliver the closest that I’ve seen to the real-time, all-the-time experience we’ve been hearing about and waiting for since the last century. AVCHD and DSLR producers in particular could see absolutely shocking drops in preview and rendering time.

Looking back, I can’t remember a single crash of any component, which is just as impressive as the performance boosts. As with fine wines, you hate to judge a software program at the time of its release because major problems sometimes only appear after a few months in the field. With CS5, though, the exceptional combination of performance and stability makes me pretty confident that it’s going to be another vintage release for Adobe— perhaps the best one yet

It’s a pretty rocking release, and if you’re a video editor, you should check it out.

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