Reclaim disc space from Premiere Pro

I do a lot of production work and testing on my HP Z800 workstation. Though it’s got a 250 GB C: drive, with a 1 TB video drive where I store all projects and associated video, I started getting messages that I was running out of space on my C: drive. I couldn’t imagine why since I store all the big files on D:, so I started hunting around and noticed 110 GB in my Users folder. Long story short, after searching for about ten minutes, I found 110 GB in an Adobe Common folder.


It turns out that this is where Adobe stores all the temporary files it creates for your projects, which are mostly CFA audio files that can be quite large. My vague recollection was that Adobe stored these in the same folder as the project file, but that was wrong. They’re all on your C drive by default, though of course you can change this in Premiere Pro’s Preferences window, which also contains a Clean button you can use to delete all the files. I did, and now I have 115 GB of free space on drive C:.

I’ve changed my preference to store the media files in D:cache, which will keep my C: drive as uncluttered as possible. If you’re a CS4 producer and you’re running out of space on your C: drive, try the Clean button and changing the location of the cache files to an easier to find folder that’s on your video disk.

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