Ozer Publishes New Book, Learn to Produce Videos with FFmpeg in 30 Minutes or Less

Learn to Produce Video with FFmpeg in 30 Minutes or Less, is an entry-level book for developers who need to produce single MP4 or adaptive groups with FFmpeg, the free, open-source utility used in some of the largest encoding farms in the world. The book also includes a primer on terms and technologies related to streaming and recommended settings for all parameters detailed in the book.

Initial chapters focus on installing FFmpeg on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and basics of command line programming. Then the technology primer, and individual chapters on bitrate control, resolution, frame rate, I-, B-, P- and reference-frame settings. These are followed by chapters on H.264 and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), which includes instruction on Apple tools Media File Segmenter, Variant Playlist Creator, and Media Stream Validator. Also covered is encoding for DASH with MP4Box.

Next up are chapters on encoding HEVC with x265, and producing VP9, with the final chapter covering miscellaneous operations like concatenating multiple files, or computing PSNR with FFmpeg.

A downloadable zipped file includes all (Windows) batch files used in the book, which you can easily adapt for your own use, and a detailed Table of Contents and Index will help you find what you need (to receive the zip file, email your proof of purchase of the PDF or paperback version to janozer@gmail.com). All these contents ensure that you’ll be able to Learn to Produce Videos with FFmpeg in 30 Minutes or Less.

The paperback version costs $29.99, while the PDF version costs $24.95.

Buy the book on Amazon ($29.99).

Buy and download PDF ($24.95)

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