New HEVC Patent Group Misses First Milestone

HEVC Advance was the HEVC patent consortium that noisily announced their existence just before NAB and then denied the launch was timed for maximum discussion in Las Vegas. In their initial announcement, the consortium, which consists of only five companies, GE, Technicolor, Dolby, Philips and Mitsubishi Electric, promised that royalty rates and licensing terms would be available in the second quarter.

As you can read about in my story on Streaming Media, HEVC Advance had scheduled a press briefing on June 26, which would have met the deadline, but cancelled it, promising to reschedule “when the updated timing [was] confirmed.” As you’ll also read in the article, I found the delay a bit irritating.

The consortium obviously wasn’t born on March 26, when it was announced; it had to be months in the making. In their press release, they boldly stated, “The market is requiring a different approach to aggregating and making HEVC essential patents available for license”, and promised “a transparent and efficient licensing mechanism.”

So far, that different approach has been to announce and delay, and the licensing mechanism has been opaque and inefficient. Hopefully, that will change in the short term. 

Again, you can read my story in Streaming Media, here

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