Learn how to create stories in DVD Studio Pro

stories_1n.jpgI know it’s a bit far afield for many streaming-oriented readers, but if you’re a DVD Studio Pro producer, and don’t know what stories are, or why or how to use them, you may want to check out this pair of articles on Digital Content Producer.

Working with stories in Final Cut Pro/DVD Studio Pro – This is an introductory-level discussion for DVD Studio Pro newbies on using stories. (Hey, newbies need love, too!) I’ll cover inserting chapter markers in Final Cut Pro (and why you want to add them there, rather than in DVD SP), what stories are and why you need them, and then how to create and deploy them.

Interview with Sean Riehl, owner of Real Bodywork – In my last article, I described how and when to use stories in DVD Studio Pro, with examples from the DVD that sparked the idea — Real Bodywork’s “Yoga Therapy for Back Pain.” In this article, I interview Sean Riehl, owner of Real Bodywork, as well as producer and editor of all DVDs sold by the company. Topics range from how to shoot for stories, how to produce for stories in Final Cut Studio, and how Sean encodes his DVDs to achieve 99.9999 percent problem-free operation.

I hope you find them useful.

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