Is it just me, or is there nothing more stupid in the world than Linked-in Endorsements?

Is it just me, or is there nothing more stupid in the world than Linked-in Endorsements?

I got another this morning, from one of the hundreds of LinkIn connections who I only tangentially know, and who I have never produced work for in the field that he endorsed me in. Hootie-Hoo, those consulting dollars are going to fly in now.

So now I go to LinkedIn to send a thank you note (what a wonderful use of my precious AM time), and see a couple of connections who I only know tangentially asking for endoresements. I’m in a gracious mood-I’ll endorse them too, even though I really don’t know their work.

Seriously, is there anyone on the planet (in the universe) who takes these endorsements at all seriously? If so, I have an attorney in Nigeria who represents an unfortunately dying woman who wants to leave you the princely sum of $10 million dollars. Just send me your credit card info at

Maybe if LinkIn put some teeth in the endorsement, like requiring some justification or example. But cripes, I could be an expert in nuclear engineering by adding the skill and asking some connections to endorse me. Endorsements are meaningless, and the only beneficiary, of couse, is LinkIn via additional endorsement-related traffic.

I’ve asked LinkIn in to stop asking my connections for endorsements, but apparently there is no mechanism for doing so. Perhaps if we all join in and ask nicely together?

Or maybe I’m the only one who feels this way?

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