Inlet’s new Live Ad Insertion for the iPad/iPhone

At NAB, Inlet Technologies introduced live, automated advertising insertion to the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, Flash-based desktops and several other platforms. It’s an interesting technology for any content owner seeking to monetize their videos to multiple paltforms. Here’s a link to an summary article I wrote for Streaming Media Magazine.

Perhaps equally interesting for readers of this blog is the video embedded below. To write article, I interviewed Matt Smith, Inlet’s Senior Director of Systems Architecture. We recorded our conversation using the ooVoo video conferencing system, and the video is embedded below.

While the video is longish (about 30 minutes), if you hover your cursor over the video playback bar, you’ll see tags that let you click directly to different sections (you have to play the video before the tags become active). This is why I used the Viddler player for this video, rather than the Vimeo player that I customarily use.

I really like recording these interviews with Oovoo – it’s a great way to save the discussion for posterity, and the ability to refer back to the video really helped when I wrote the story. On the other hand, I know that no one wants to watch 30 minutes of video straight through, and the ability to create tags that let viewers jump to the segments that interest them is a killer feature.

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