Excellent Overview on DASH in Streaming Media Magazine

There have been a lot of quick hit articles both praising and bashing DASH, but few scholarly articles that take a deep look at the technology, its promise and limited progress to date. In a new article up on the Streaming Media website, entitled MPEG-DASH: Making Tracks Toward Widespread Adoption, Adrian Pennington takes a long hard look at DASH, with lots of input from the vendors who will ultimately make it happen.

Here’s the pithy intro:

The need to reach multiple platforms and consumer electronics devices has long presented a technical and business headache, not to mention a cost for service providers looking to deliver online video. the holy grail of a common file format that would rule them all always seemed a quest too far.

Enter MPEG-DASH, a technology with the scope to significantly improve the way content is delivered to any device by cutting complexity and providing a common ecosystem of content and services.

The MPEG-DASH standard was ratified in December 2011 and tested in 2012, with deployments across the world now underway. Yet just as MPEG-DASH is poised to become a universal point for interoperable OTT delivery comes concern that slower-than-expected initial uptake will dampen wider adoption.

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