eBay Embraces Enterprise YouTube to Maintain Competitive Advantage

I had a great opportunity to write a case study on eBay’s use of Qumu’s enterprise YouTube product. Sometimes, these discussions are strictly technical, the bits and bytes, procedures and workflows, that kind of thing. While I covered that with eBay’s Ryan Burnham, what really got interesting was how he saw the YouTube product, and the functionality they were building around it, as absolutely essential to maintaining their competitive advantage. As Burnham said, 

“the exponential leap in technology has driven a rapid expansion of what the devices in our pockets can do, while social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are shaping how everyone—not just millennials—discover and consume information. If we’re not providing parity experiences for our employees, we’re by default expressing a corporate policy that it’s OK not to keep up, which puts us at risk for producing substandard products and services.”

In the article, Burnham discussed the forces driving eBay to implement an enterprise YouTube, and how they were enhancing Qumu’s feature set with their own custom functions. You should read the article to learn what an enterprise YouTube is, why you need it and how you would use it. 

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