Choosing a Live Streaming Service? We Can Help

Two big resources on the Streaming Media web site. First is the Buyer’s Guide to Live Streaming Services, which tells you what to look for when choosing a service provider. The intro there says it all:

If you can turn on the webcam on your notebook, live streaming service providers can convert this input into a full-featured live streaming experience that you can share with a few close friends or a global audience. With multiple service providers available, how do you choose the one that’s best for you? Let’s take a guided tour through the features table, and you’ll quickly learn the most relevant considerations.

Second are individual reviews of Ustream (Strong Customization, but a Weak Embedded Player, Livestream (Strong Customization and Social Media Support) (Simple Setup, Great for Reaching Gamers) and Bambuser (A Simple Live Streaming Interface, but No Frills).

Live streaming is cheap and easy, and if you have a camcorder at an event, you should stream it live. Learn how and which service to use with these articles.

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I help companies train new technical hires in streaming media-related positions; I also help companies optimize their codec selections and encoding stacks, and evaluate new encoders and codecs.

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