Apple Updates Tech Note TN2224

From my perspective, Apple Technical Note TN2224 is the Rosetta Stone of adaptive streaming, a document that translates multiple factors into concrete recommendations that should be considered by all producers streaming to Apple Devices. Which is to say, of course, virtually all streaming producers. So when Apple makes big changes in the Tech Note, as they did on February 28, 2014, it’s worth noting, even if I didn’t notice for a month. And there are two big changes.

The first change adjusts audio parameters with the video parameters, which is huge for many producers who have used the same audio parameters for all streams to avoid popping artifacts. The second, a change to the segment size, cleared up one of the most confusing aspects of the tech note. I detail both changes in my article on Streaming Media. Here’s the updated 16:9 recommendations. tn2224reduc

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