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While at NAB, I freelanced with my iPhone X, a video light, and a handheld microphone and interviewed 14 encoding professionals. These videos are posted on Streaming Media website along with text transcripts. Here are links to and brief descriptions of the interviews:

  • Netflix’s Anne Aaron, on Netflix’s plans for the AV1 codec.
  • AOMedia executive (and Microsoft employee) Gabe Frost, on the launch of AV1.
  • Beamr’s new VP of Strategy Tom Vaughan on the Beamr Transcoder and HEVC adoption in general.
  • Bitmovin CEO Stefan Lederer on AV1, Bitmovin’s latest financing round, and AI-driven encoding.
  • V-Nova CEO Guido Meardi discusses how the company is making the PERSEUS codec much easier to implement.
  • RealNwork CTO Reza Rassool describes how the RealMedia HD codec is succeeding in China and their plans to duplicate that success in the US.
  • Hybrik CEO David Trescott talks about HEVC adoption among Hybrik Customers.
  • Greg Heil, CEO of, talks about’s recent Global Media Format report.
  • Capella Systems Ikuyo Yamada discusses new features in Capella’s Cambria FTC encoder, including the ability to add HEVC to HLS packages.
  • Mozilla researchers Nathan Egge and Michael Bebenita discuss Mozilla’s contribution to the AV1 codec and how quickly AV1 decode will appear in Firefox.
  • Bitmovin engineer Christian Feldmann discusses the results of an AV1 quality evaluation sponsored by Bitmovin.
  • Mux CEO John Dahl talks about QoE and Mux Video.
  • Oliver Gunasekara, CEO of NGCodec, discusses the advantages of FPGA-accelerated cloud encoding.

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