NAB Roundup: What I Learned About the Launch of AV1

From a Streaming Media perspective, NAB 2018 was all about the launch of the AV1 codec from the Alliance for Open Media. While at the show, I spoke with many different people from many different companies about the launch, and about other codec-related announcements at the show. You can read all about that in my article entitled, NAB Roundup: The State of HEVC, AV1, and Proprietary Codecs.

While at the show, I shot a bunch of the aforementioned interviews which Streaming Media was kind enough to publish. Here from the AV1 launch party are interviews with Netflix’s Anne Aaron (Director of Video Algorithms) and Gabe Frost (Executive Director of AOMedia). Click the link to jump to a page on the Streaming Media website that contains the video and a transcript.

Anne Aaron, Netflix

Gabe Frost, AOMedia

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