Adobe’s Vision for Professional Video

I thought I would share a video that Adobe just posted on their vision for professional video. The speaker is VP Jim Guerard, a thoughtful, impressive guy that I’ve met several times. Here are some of the statistics Jim discussed (which I cribbed from this article in the ProVideo Coalition). It was written by Michelle Galina, a senior marketing type over at Adobe.

Strong Momentum

Adobe’s pro video sales momentum is dramatically outpacing general industry growth as well as that of our competitors.
Consider these statistics:

• 22% year over year growth (the highest in the industry)
• 45% growth on Mac (fueled by people switching from Final Cut Pro)
• Growth from less than 1 million seats in 2006 to 2.3 million in 2010
• 30% increase in unit sales from CS4 to CS5

Technology Leadership

We have a clear advantage in five areas where Adobe has led in innovation:

• Native file-based workflows (eliminating the need for transcoding and rewrapping)
• Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro
• The richest Metadata support in the industry
• Multi-screen distribution
• Integration – among other Adobe apps and even through “Open Workflows” with Avid and Apple products.

Here’s the video.