Per-Title Encoding With the Capella Systems Cambria FTC Encoder

So, I was reviewing Camtasia 9 for Streaming Media magazine (review to appear later in the year), and I had promised Capella Systems a testimonial for their Cambria FTC encoder, specifically the per-title encoding feature. Below is the video I produced in Camtasia describing per-title encoding, discussing why it's important, and detailing how it works in Cambria FTC. 

As a preview, Camtasia 9 finally gives the Mac and Windows versions equivalent feature sets, and adds many of the behaviors and effects shown at the start and end of the video. It's easy to use and has lots of content like the music, background video, and monitor shown in the title to enhance your projects. Camtasia has always been my go-to program for cross-platform screen recording; with this version, it makes a stronger case for being my editor on simple projects.  

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