Wirecast Frame Rate Too Slow? Check Video Display Rate

If your capture frame rate in Wirecast drops into the 10-15 fps range, check the Video Display Rate option in the Preferences dialog. When I started testing this morning after several weeks away from the program, it was set at 60. Unfortunately, that produced capture rates in the 12-15 range, not sufficient for the testing I was doing. Took me about 3 hours of time to figure out what was going on; when I changed the rate to 30 fps, capture frame rate increased to 30 fps.

wirecast framerate copy.png

It’s definitely user error; I recall a warning about this somewhere in the reviewer documentation. Still, figured I’d post this message in case someone else had the problem.

Otherwise, Wirecast was fabulous. Oftentimes I had three or four inputs from different computers, camcorders and two or three webcams. The program didn’t crash all day and felt absolutely rock solid. I’ll be using version 5 for the first time tomorrow for a webinar on choosing a camcorder for live event production. Come see the fruits of my labors.

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