UHD Codecs; HEVC, VP9 and Daala

My latest column in Streaming Media Magazine; Here’s the lead. 

There’s a lot of interest in ultra-high definition (UHD) video, and the two codecs that drive it, HEVC and VP9. Over the past few months, a new UHD codec called Daala has also come to the fore. I wanted to take this opportunity to update the status of HEVC and VP9 and introduce you to Daala.

Read the article to get up to date on HEVC (royalty and deployment status), VP9 (comparative quality vs. HEVC) and to meet Daala, the codec the open source community is hoping will win out against HEVC and VP9. 

For more on HEVC, check out the handouts and sample files from my presentation at Streaming Media East entitled, Producing and Deploying HEVC. Equally worthwhile, if not more so, is my blog post entitled, Netflix Lukewarm on HEVC (to put in mildly)

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