Two Five Star Reviews for My Adobe Media Encoder Course

Earlier this year, I released a Udemy course on the Adobe Media Encoder. Over the last couple of months, the course received a couple of five star reviews that I thought I would share. Here they are.

From Evan Roberts:

Jan does a great service by providing this course. This course is a must for anyone considering purchasing and/or using Adobe Media Encoder (AME). Having completed this course, I feel confident I know how to use AME and exactly what to expect when I purchase it. Jan applies encoding/compression theory with in depth demonstration via Adobe Media Encoder. This course is better than just a chance to test drive the system. Jan shares compression knowledge and experience which will help users avoid pitfalls, and thus save time-money resources. He delineates multiple possible work flows through examples. Jan shows several solutions I never new existed and showed me ways I would not have been aware I could have tried. This course is an excellent resource for encoding/compressing considerations in general. Jan shares great practical compression theory which can be applied to all encoding/trans-coding compression products regardless of the software manufacturer you choose to utilize. Thank-you Jan, I will now add this knowledge to my bag of tricks.

From Alex Brown:

Great intro to Adobe Media Encoder. This course was so helpful for learning how to use Adobe Media Encoder. Coming in I had no idea how to even use the program, but through the help of Jan I was able to master it!

Thanks guys.

The course contains over 3 hours of content in 16 lectures and costs $25. It’s a solid introductory course for all compression newbies working with the Adobe Media Encder. Click here for more information.

Part of the course is a free primer on streaming media that you can download here.

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