Producing Live Events, Master Tip 1: Keep Striving

Total Webcasting is a webcasting service provider out of New York that produces dozens of events a month, and thousands since its inception in 2007. Total Webcasting is unique in that it produces virtually all events for its customers, while owning the streaming server and content management system used for live and on-demand delivery, providing the complete “glass-to-glass” experience. Through their experience, the company has mastered the art of the problem-free webcast. I’ve been after company president Robert Feldman to share his tips with my readers for years; he’s agreed to share his top ten in Letterman order. This is number one.


As I wrote these short articles I realized even more how those of us in this business of live webcasting do work in a very high pressure and technically complicated industry. And really none of these issues I mentioned are any better or worse than the other, they are all bad and many are out of your direct control.

For the freelancers and small businesses like we are, you may be competing against very big companies, so you have to be better, smarter and more responsive to the things that can go wrong. Your customers will recognize and appreciate the efforts you put into this and hopefully will call you back again. Use your daily experiences to tune your processes, and never believe for a second that you have all of the answers.

In closing, always remember that no matter how small any one webcast may be, it is very important to someone and you have a responsibility to do everything possible to make sure it looks and sounds great. 

From the editor: Thanks Robert, for taking the time to share your thoughts, ideas, and tips. 

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