Post Streaming Media West Interview on Viblast Blog

Viblast is the European developer of the Viblast player, an off-the-shelf player that enables the playback of HLS and DASH streams without Flash. A recent winner of a European Streaming Media Reader’s Choice award, Viblast is an up and coming company in a very hot market (transitioning from Flash to HTML5).

I’m flattered the Nora Georgieva, Viblast’s Marketing Officer, asked to interview me on my impressions from Streaming Media West. Nora also transcribed the interview to create a blog post that discusses multiple topics, including the Flash to HTML5 transition, and why it’s taking so long, and the strengths and weaknesses of the Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions. You can read the first installment of the interview, here

Here’s an excerpt from the video interview, displayed with the Viblast player (what did you expect?).