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As mentioned previously, I’m producing a free webinar entitled Replacing Flash with the Media Source Extensions/Encrypted Media Extensions on March 16, at 1:00 PM EST. It’s sponsored by Onstream Media. You can read the description and signup here

To supplement the information that I compiled, I asked a number of collegues the following questions:

For computer distribution

–           Assuming your content is adaptive, but not protected (no DRM), pick a date (quarter/year, like 3rd/2005) where it would make sense to present your content as HTML5 first (using MSE) with Flash Fallback

–           What quarter would you choose if the content is protected (need DRM).

–           When would you predict Flash fallback would no longer be necessary?

For distribution to Android

–           When does it make sense to cut over to MSE/EME for adaptive bitrate content?

For iOS

–           What’s your best guess as to whether Apple will support MSE/EME/DASH in iOS and when?

So far, I have responses from Akamai, AllDigital, Bitmovin, Brightcove, BuyDRM, Kaltura, Wowza, and several other anonymous entries from content distributors or tools producers. Not enough to be statistically significant, but very useful feedback in general, and enough to make sure that I considered most relevant factors, like how long it’s taking for advertisting networks to switch from Flash to HTML5. 

If you want to share your thoughts on these issues; copy and paste the questions into an email, answer them and send them to Please include company name; if you want to contribute anonymously, let me know, but I need to know your name and company name. 

I’ll present these results on Monday. Hope to see you there


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