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WeVideo1.jpgHere’s the introduction. The referenced video on YouTube details the 28 hours I spent in Manhattan with my girlies last September, including our visit to the Empire State Building, Times Square and the Today Show, plus a clip of my daughter subway surfing.

“While the desktop video editing market has consolidated into the big four (Adobe, Apple, Avid, and Sony), it’s still the wild, wild west in the browser-based online video editing market. I’ve looked at one online editor previously (Mixmoov), a storyboard-based editor that worked well, but was limited, and glanced at many others. In this review, I’ll detail my test drive of the WeVideo editor, which is faster and vastly more functional than Mixmoov, with a timeline-based interface with multiple tracks, superior titling, and more effects and other content, particularly music. I created several projects during my review, the most extensive one here on YouTube.

You can try WeVideo for free, but your max export resolution will be 360p, you’ll only get 1 GB of online storage, and you can only export 15 minutes of watermarked video output each month. WeVideo has three for-fee plans, each offering higher-resolution videos, more storage space, and more export minutes. I tested an Ultra account, which regularly costs $39.99/month, though there are some year-end specials in place.”

Here’s the pithy conclusion.

“We’re in the baby steps phase of the online video editing market. WeVideo has a solid interface and is the closest I’ve seen to a desktop video editor. Still, if you’re a serious producer looking to replace your desktop editor, WeVideo isn’t it. On the other hand, for simple projects that you need to access from multiple computers, or that need to incorporate content from multiple sources, WeVideo is worth a look.”

You can check out the rest of the article, here. You can also read about the product launch at

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