First Look: Apple Compressor 4.1

Compressor 4.1 is the first major update to Compressor since well before Final Cut Pro X. I reviewed the software for Streaming Media Magazine, and found a great new interface, the same old plumbing and confusing operation; here’s the pithy close:

To close, let me say that 95% of Compressor users likely encode at data rates high enough to eliminate any quality difference between single-pass and multiple pass. For these users, Compressor 4.1 will be a lifesaver (assuming it installs without difficulty), because almost any way they use it the results will be favorable. For advanced users seeking to optimize encoding quality and data rate, or encoding efficiency, Compressor 4.1 will simply be frustrating, a multiple variable equation that you’ll have to calculate on a clip-by-clip basis.

You can read the rest of the review here, and tour the new interface below.

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