Computers Still Dominate Internet Viewing

Though the lead is slipping, viewing of Internet video on computers still dominates that of tablets, mobile phones or OTT devices, according to a report entitled, US Digital Video Audience Profile: Who’s Watching, How They’re Watching and What Screens They’re Watching, that I spotted on eMarketer (citing data from HUB REsearch).

Red is data from 2013, black is data from 2014. 


From a priority standpoint, making your videos viewable on computers should be first, but the other platforms are obviously also critical. If you’re distributing single video files (as opposed to adaptive), you can use HTML5 to distribute to the top three categories. You can learn how in a webinar entitled Distributing to Desktops and Mobile Devices via HTML5. If you’re streaming adaptively, or need DRM or captions, it’s more complicated. You can watch a webinar on adaptive streaming, here, or check out my book, Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery, on Amazon

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