Brightcove Video Cloud Live Review is Up!

My review of the Brightcove Video Cloud Live service is up and running on Basically, I reviewed the service so I could work with the Zencoder Live Transcoding service, which worked flawlessly; it’s a really nice service. The service Brightcove built around the service was functional, but had some flaws and rough edges which you can read about in the review.


Above is the screen you use to configure the live streams Zencoder/Brightcove will produce from the high quality stream that you send to the service. Cloud transcoding is exceptionally useful because it reduces the outbound bandwidth requirements at the event location, and also encoding costs, because you only have to produce one stream onsite. In the screen, you can see that Zencoder/Brightcove will convert your incoming stream into seven iterations, four for Flash delivery, three for iOS and other devices compatible with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

If you’re currently using Brightcove as your online video platform, the new service should work well. On the other hand, since Brightcove is only making the live service available to customers of their overall platform, if you’re looking solely for a live streaming platform, Brightcove isn’t really on option.

I couldn’t work directly with the Zencoder service because Zencoder offers only the transcoding service, not the other components like streaming server or player. Zencoder is ideal if you have your server/player infrastructure created and just want to add on the fly transcoding. On the other hand, if you need the whole enchilada, Zencoder isn’t an option. 

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