Another 5-Star Review for Multiple Screen Delivery Book-Now in Kindle Format

It’s personally gratifying that readers continue to find my book, Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery, useful. Here are comments from the latest five-star review. 

I was assigned a Video Conversion and Compression project at work, and I began to look for a good source of information on the subject. I’m glad that I found this book, because it helped me to better understand how video compression works. Because of this book I’m able to create better software application providing better and faster video conversion and compression. I would like to mention that the book has poor images, but Jan informs you (on multiple occasions) that you can download PDF images for each chapter. I would definitely suggest this book to anyone interested in this subject.

Arthur Zaslawski, fivestars.png 

In other news, the book is now also available in Kindle format, so if you prefer a digital option other than the iBooks version, now you have it. If you purchased the physical book on Amazon, you can also buy the Kindle version for the rediculously low price of $2.99. 

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