On Wednesday, February 8, 2012, I had a chance to guest lecture for Prof. Joeseph Citta’s class New Media – Reel Delivery: Design for Media Distribution at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Rather than recycle some old presentations, I decided to take a new look at the issue of delivering effective video.


I started by detailing what is effective video and then discussed distribution options like online video platforms (Brightcove/Kaltura), live streaming service providers (Livestream/Ustream) or producing it all yourself. I focused on what producers need to know to produce and deliver effective video, which included basics like what compression is and how it works, what a codec is, the definitions of data rate, resolution and the like. It’s kind of an intro to streaming media combined with a focus on producing video that accomplishes some  essential purpose.

I have to say, while the class was attentive and polite, I’m not sure that my focus on commercialism resonated with a talented group of students focused on learning how to shoot, edit and produce the next Avatar. But if your focus is on producing and delivering effective video, perhaps you’ll find the hour long video helpful. You can also download the handouts via a link below.

My thanks to Professor Citta for allowing me to present. Here’s the video.