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I do a lot of production work and testing on my HP Z800 workstation. Though it’s got a 250 GB C: drive, with a 1 TB video drive where I store all projects and associated video, I started getting messages that I was running out of space on my C: drive. I couldn’t imagine why since I store all the big files on D:, so I started hunting around and noticed 110 GB in my Users folder. Long story short, after searching for about ten minutes, I found 110 GB in an Adobe Common folder.


It turns out that this is where Adobe stores all the temporary files it creates for your projects, which are mostly CFA audio files that can be quite large. My vague recollection was that Adobe stored these in the same folder as the project file, but that was wrong. They’re all on your C drive by default, though of course you can change this in Premiere Pro’s Preferences window, which also contains a Clean button you can use to delete all the files. I did, and now I have 115 GB of free space on drive C:.

I’ve changed my preference to store the media files in D:cache, which will keep my C: drive as uncluttered as possible. If you’re a CS4 producer and you’re running out of space on your C: drive, try the Clean button and changing the location of the cache files to an easier to find folder that’s on your video disk.


#1JoySaid this on 06/24/2010 At 01:23 pm

Hi there,

I've struggled for this problem for a long time!! Thanks for your sharing so I can release my disc space finally!!!! :D

#2PeteSaid this on 06/27/2010 At 06:20 pm

Hey Jan,

Had big problems with this - thanks for the info!

#3JonoSaid this on 11/16/2011 At 09:22 pm

Thank you so much for this info! Helped me reclaim 50gb of disk space!!

#4janSaid this on 11/16/2011 At 09:26 pmIn reply to #3Hey all:

Thanks for your kind words. Glad you found this useful.

Jan#5JeroenSaid this on 05/05/2014 At 08:59 am

I knew there had to be a 'clean' button somewhere, but I just couldn't find it anymore...Thanks for sharing its location!

#6JanSaid this on 05/05/2014 At 09:14 amIn reply to #5


Glad you found it useful.


#7FerSaid this on 06/08/2014 At 03:07 pm

Hi! I am manually deleting all the media cache files in an external hard drive and it doesnt seem to free up any space, so now, the files are gone, but i cant free up any space


#8Jan OzerSaid this on 06/09/2014 At 08:55 amIn reply to #7Fer:

You say manually --- does this mean you used File Manager? What happens when you try it in Premiere Pro as shown in this article?

Jan#9Brett MSaid this on 10/18/2014 At 12:30 am

This article doesn't tell us enough. Here is the solution.

You can change Cache Files and Cache DB to an F:/ drive, but when rendering/editing a video it will continue to eat GB from your C:/ drive (where the project is).

Where is this data?? Look at where your project is - ProjectName/Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files. Delete this.

How do we change the location of this folder? Go to Project > Project Settings > Scratch Disks

Now re-render your sequence with Sequence > Render Effects/Entire...

#10janSaid this on 10/18/2014 At 08:20 amIn reply to #9


Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and techniques.


#11shahidSaid this on 05/12/2015 At 11:30 am

Thank you very much

#12LiminSaid this on 11/30/2015 At 08:45 am

Thank you. Lifesaver.

#13QuinnSaid this on 02/22/2016 At 12:51 am

WOW.  I honestly feel like an idiot.....(a very thankful idiot)....I tried everything, searched high and low, but I couldn't find the bulk of the problem with C drive.....and one click of a button BUILT IN to PPro changes's almost funny....thanks a million!

#14JanSaid this on 02/22/2016 At 08:47 amIn reply to #13Quinn:

Glad to help.


Jan#15GBSaid this on 07/24/2016 At 09:49 am

Thanks very much!

#16jan ozerSaid this on 07/24/2016 At 10:58 amIn reply to #15GB:

Glad you found it useful.

Jan#17jonSaid this on 02/09/2017 At 07:50 pm

You just saved me and my daughter's computer. Thanks a lot.

#18JanSaid this on 02/09/2017 At 08:08 pm

My pleasure. thanks for taking the time to write.