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Last week at Streaming Media East, I held 2 three-hour sessions (parts 1 & 2) on Producing a Webcast from Soup to Nuts. The descriptions are below, as are the handouts for downloading. 

SM2: Producing A Webcast From Soup To Nuts: Part One

Part one of this workshop will discuss factors to consider when choosing a camera, audio system, lighting gear, background, and when and how to choose a video mixer. This session will also focus on the nuts and bolts of production, covering skills like setting exposure, connecting camcorders to microphones and soundboards, setting up lighting, and what kind of clothing you should direct your on-camera subjects to wear. Attendees will leave this session knowing the gear they need to produce a high quality live event and how to use it.

Download the handout

SM4: Producing A Webcast From Soup To Nuts: Part Two

Part two of this workshop will focus on streaming, planning, and implementation. Topics covered include how to choose a webcast platform, alternatives for delivering the encoded stream to the streaming server, and bandwidth requirements. The session will also cover how to choose a live streaming encoder and how to configure the encoder for delivery to your selected platform. Finally, the session will focus on planning, and attendees will receive planning and implementation checklists that will help them execute their live events as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Download the handout


#1NestaSaid this on 07/09/2014 At 08:18 am

Dear Jan Ozer,

I just downloaded your free handout on “Producing a Webcast from Soup to Nuts: Part I and II”

I am writing to thank you for making it available online.

I am yet to study the manual completely, but the little I read gave me a warm feeling that its going to be a valuable manual

I intend to setup a webcasting company to beam live events such as weddings, funerals, meetings etc

I will require your advice from time to time

Once again, thank you so much


#2Jan OzerSaid this on 07/11/2014 At 10:57 amIn reply to #1Nesta:

I hope you find them useful.

Jan#3Alan ButterworthSaid this on 12/03/2014 At 06:59 am

Hi Jan,

Just wanted to add my thanks too. I haven't read through the handouts in detail as I've just found them after researching Firestore products. I'm just waiting on receiving a Roland VR3 mixer as it was your review and others that nailed it for me. I'm still using Canon XL1 cameras with DV quality footage which is perfectly acceptable for what I do (film our concerts and put them on DVD or the web):


Anyway, thanks for making your extensive knowledge about video etc. available on the net. Very altruistic of you......and links nicely into my compositions:


All the best,