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I spent a lot of time late last fall looking at Facebook Live, trying to understand who was using it and why, and which tools they used. This effort culminated in three resources available now on the Streaming Media website. 

Here’s the main article entitled Facebook Live: A Progress Report After One Year of Growth. The intro, copied below, describes what’s covered here and identifies the other two resources. 

We’ve all known for a while that you can stream live video to Facebook Pages. While the technical side is interesting, the big questions on our minds were who’s doing it and why, how’s it working out for them, and how do they see Facebook Live growing in the future. So we asked vendors with Facebook Live-compatible products to identify some users who would answer a short questionnaire that explored these issues. We received responses from organizations as large as PBS and Oracle to those as small as your local weatherman, with brand managers, a large church, a consultant, a music video producer, the New York Yankees, an Australian rugby team, and many others in between.

Their complete responses, including details of the products they used, are available on this page. In this article, we focus on five questions. Out of necessity, some answers are shortened and lightly edited, but we tried to preserve the original content as much as possible.

We also created a chart based on the vendor questionnaire — click here to find the web’s most comprehensive list of cameras, switchers, encoders, and other tools that are compatible with Facebook Live.

I hope you find this information useful.