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Someone sent me an email this morning asking about DRM-related information. I collected these resources for him, and then thought it might make a useful blog post. So, if you’re interested in Digital Rights Management, here are four resources you can check out on the Streaming Learning Center and beyond.

1. I gave a session on DRM at Streaming Media West in 2014; you can see the agenda and download the handout here

2. This lead to an article on DRM in Streaming Media Magazine entitled, The Changing Face of DRM; Where We Stand in 2015

3. Like all streaming media playback, DRM is moving towards standardization via the Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). I hosted a panel at Streaming Media West on replacing Flash with MSE/EME that had four great panelists. You can watch the video and download their handouts here:

4. Most recently, I hosted a webinar for OnStream on Replacing Flash with MSE/EME, that you can register for and watch here. You can also download the handout after registering, even if you don’t watch the entire video. 

I hope you find this information useful.