Video - Two Free Video Analysis Tools; MediaInfo and Bitrate Viewer

There are two tools that I have on every computer that will run them; MediaInfo on all my Mac and Windows workstations, and Bitrate Viewer, which is Windows only and is installed on every Windows computer that I own. The first provides information about my files like data rate, resolution, codec, bits per pixel and encoding details like Profile and Level for H.264. The second shows a frame graph of the video file so I can diagnose problems like mid-stream interruptions.

In this video tutorial, you'll learn why you need these programs and where to get them.


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Said this on 7-12-2012 At 02:27 pm

I produce DVDs using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (I know I am three upgrades behind and am working on getting CS6 very soon).

WMV files to not work; how can I post high quality video on my web site?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Said this on 7-12-2012 At 02:46 pm

I would hire someone local to help you. Just too big a knowledge gap between where you are to where you need to be to try and respond in a message.

Ben Chandler
Said this on 10-17-2012 At 10:58 am

I am producing videos for our website, and when played locally they are nice and crisp. However the moment we upload them, they blur and look rubbish! How can I stop this happening? I tried all manner of resolutions etc. and I just don't understand.

Why is it that the video looks fine when played locally and then rubbish when uploaded? And is there anything I can do to resolve this?

Sorry for the winge, but I have trying to sort this all day and got absolutely no where.

Said this on 10-22-2012 At 09:15 am

Where are you uploading the files to? Are they being re-encoded?

More details would help diagnose.

Ray Mallon
Said this on 11-11-2012 At 12:59 pm

Thanks for this helpful information, Jan.

Will one of these programmes identify if there is a one- or two-frame 'jitter' in a file? If not, are you aware of such a programme?

I use Cyberlink's PowerDirector 10 for editing HD .m2ts assets and then producing a video file. Occasionally, now even with hardware accelaration turned off, I get a one- or two frame 'jitter' in the produced file. Examples are shown in correspondence in one of the Cyberlink Forums:

Currently the only way I have of checking for quality is viewing the produced video, a very time-consuming potentially hit-and-miss activity.


Thanks and regads,

Ray Mallon


Said this on 11-12-2012 At 08:48 am

MediaInfo would not, Bitrate viewer might. If you have a file with a known problem, download bitrate viewer and see if the bitrate pattern reveals the jitter. Seems like the chances are low, but it's a tool you'll like having anyway.

Hope this works for you.

Ray Mallon
Said this on 11-17-2012 At 11:43 am


testing with a couple of .m2ts files I was unable to find any correlation between known 'bad' locations, i.e. where a one- to two-frame 'jitter' occurs in the video, and the pattern shown in Bitrate Viewer.

I also found no obvious difference between the Bitrate Viewer patterns for a 'good' and a 'bad' version of the same video sequence/file - except that in the 'bad' file the peak bitrate value was about 4% higher and the average bitrate value was about 20% higher.

(Yesterday I was able to produce a 'good' version by substituting some 'fade' transitions, which were often associated with the occurrence of the defects, with other transition types. A little bizarre ....)

But thanks anyway for the tip, it was well worth a try.



Said this on 11-21-2012 At 04:00 am
Good creative solution. Glad you got it fixed.

Said this on 7-18-2014 At 05:18 am

Bought the book which of course referred us to this page.

Downloaded MediaInfo and puzzled that it did not show me the fundamental bits/pixel that is the key to the whole book and process of stream analysis - searched on mediainfo forums and the product has had this feature taken out of it for some years it appears.


many on the forums said this feature did not work correctly? can anybody confirm?

does anyone have (inc Jan - we actually bought 2 copies of the book) have a version that is windows 8 compatible that does have the bits/pixel feature still in it.




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