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Optimizing Brightness and Contrast in FCPX

The histogram and the waveform in Apple Final Cut Pro X are effective, easy-to-master tools that provide the clear input you need to diagnose and fix the contrast issues in your video simply and intelligently. In this video tutorial, video editing and encoding expert Jan Ozer explains how they work.

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Three Premiere Pro Tips-A Video Tutorial

This video tutorial illustrates three tips that will enhance your workflow and get you out of some editing jams in your Adobe Premiere Pro projects: editing audio without unlinking; Fill Left and Fill Right to create stereo audio; and creating nested sequences for smoother edits and creating reusable set pieces …

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Why 30 seconds of video takes 3 hours to shoot

I produce lots screencams, and some customers like having a live greenscreen video intro in front of the screencam. “What’s the harm,” they ask? It’s only 30 seconds of video, how long will that take to shoot?” Well, if you’re like me and you don’t have a dedicated studio and …

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Normalization and Compression in Adobe CS5.5

Streaming viewers will tolerate some video degradation but expect audio to be near perfect. There are two techniques you can use to make sure that your audio loud, clear and robust. Normalization increases volume as much as possible without introducing distortion into the file, while compression makes the signal as …

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Lighting for Streaming Tutorials Released

I produced a DVD in 2008 called Critical Skills for Streaming Producers, in conjunction with Streaming Media Magazine. The product is now out of date and off the market, but some of the videos included with the tutorial still have some real value. In particular, the five videos relating to …

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