Review Finds FFmpeg Course on Udemy Amazing

Few things please a course creator more than positive reviews and it’s been a good week for them. This one is for my FFmpeg for Adaptive Bitrate Production on the Udemy site.

My goal for this course was to focus on the “why” as well as the “how.” So, students just don’t learn how to set a keyframe interval in FFmpeg, they learn what a keyframe interval is, how keyframes impact quality and navigation within a file, recommended settings for single file and adaptive delivery, and how to set them in FFmpeg. They learn FFmpeg and the related bits about encoding and streaming.

That’s why I’m particularly pleased that Motti commented that “the course gave me a really solid understanding of current and upcoming technologies related to encoding, transcoding, containers, adaptive bitrate video, video quality scores, live streaming and of course how to do it all using ffmpeg.”

Thanks, Motti, you made my day.

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