H.265 Codec: High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Explained

This article on the Wowza website provides a quick overview of the HEVC codec: what it is, how it performs, what it costs, and what it’s good for. It concludes with a section on what you need to know to effectively deploy the HEVC codec using the Wowza Streaming Engine software.

The article is the third in a five-part series that covers H.264, VP9, HEVC, AV1, and VVC. There are four tables that detail compatibility, performance, royalty status, and suitability for tasks like live, transcoding, HDR. If you’re looking to get a quick feel about how the codecs compare and where each fits in (or doesn’t), give them a look.

Here are some additional codec-related resources.

The Streaming Codec Landscape in 2021

Industry Trends: HEVC Usage on the Rise


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