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How to Choose Your Bitrate Control Technique

Every time you encode a video file with a distribution-oriented codec like H.264, HEVC, VP9, or AV1, you choose a bitrate control technique that controls bitrate, overall quality, transient quality, and encoding cost. Examples of common rate control modes include CBR, VBR, CRF, and Capped CRF. This article discusses how …

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AV1 Codec: AOMedia Video 1 Explained

This article on the Wowza website provides a quick overview of the AV1 codec: what it is, how it performs, what it costs, and what it’s good for today. It’s useful if you want to get a quick feel for where AV1 fits in with other codecs. The article is …

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Per-Title Article up on Streaming Media Magazine

We have been huge proponents of per-title encoding since its inception in 2015. Boy, has it come a long way. In this Streaming Media article, I recount the history of per-title encoding and trace its advancement from single file optimizations that could adjust only file data rate to AI-driven adjustments …

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