SLC Instructs on Streaming at NASA’s Glenn Research Center

NASA.jpgDecember 3, 2010 – Title pretty much says it all, along with the picture on the left – just there in the back you can see a hanger with the Glenn Research Center sign. The actual client was not NASA – it was Wyle Information Systems, who performs video services onsite for NASA. The training was produced in conjunction with Digital Media Academy, for whom I worked when teaching at Stanford in the summer of 2009.

The course was a fun one for me, starting with two days on the Final Cut Pro to Compressor workflow, plus producing 24p and interlaced discs with DVD Studio Pro. These materials borrowed heavily from the Critical Skills for Final Cut Studio Streaming Producers that I created for in 2007, and the Final Cut Pro Insider Column that I’ve been writing for Digital Content Producer magazine for the last two years. Then it focused on streaming, with sessions on H.264, Windows Media, producing for iTunes and iDevices, and a short session on producing for adaptive streaming.


You can download a complete agenda here.

The training started off with a whimper, when my Mac refused to boot at the start of the first morning class. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes a great story, and you can read all about that here. Fortunately, the Wyle video producers and engineers with were all pros, and we got things back on track very quickly. As the story points out, I was fortunate to have another laptop onsite, and the presentation materials on a small USB drive, a security blanket that I recommend to all trainers and presenters.

Actually being on a NASA base was a thrill, but if you can work around it, don’t visit the John Glenn facility in December – I didn’t see the sun while I was there near the Cleveland airport. It was a great class, though, with highly knowledgable and engaged attendees, and I had a great time.

I enjoy consulting with corporate, academic and governmental agencies – this was one of four consulting/training engagements for the US government in 2010. To discuss your streaming or video production training needs, contact or call 276-238-9135.

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