Crunch Technology Shines in Per-Title Comparison

If you’ve been following my work, you know that I’m very bullish on per-title encoding and optimization technologies, and have reviewed them several times. One technology that I haven’t tested before is from Crunch Media Works, which offers video optimization tools that can be used on public and private computer servers, as well as mobile devices, to reduce the bandwidth of videos prior to uploading or delivery.

Briefly, I tested Crunch’s technology against other technologies that I’ve worked with in the past and others that I could access via SaaS applications on the Internet. I documented my findings in a report entitled, Per-Title Encoding Comparison: Crunch Video Optimization Technology compared to Brightcove CAE, Capped CRF, Capella Systems SABL, JWPlayer, and Mux Video, which you can download below.

Here’s my conclusion from the report, and you can see the summary table above.  “As you can see, Crunch delivered substantial savings compared to all other technologies while remaining visually indistinguishable as measured by SSIM scores with anecdotal subjective verification. The ability to tune the Crunch algorithm for a specific SSIM result allows publishers to achieve their own targeted quality/bandwidth tradeoff. This is another strength of the Crunch technology.”

Crunch tools are available as a component of a software-based or cloud encoder. Crunch can also be added as an SDK to other developers’ applications. If you’re interested in learning more about Crunch’s technology, please contact

Here’s a link to download the report.

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