How streaming video can improve product sales – a user study

I found this snippet on the Really Practical Marketing website. It’s third hand information, but it shows the results of some user polls taken by online video company Vzaar. Specifically, Vzaar polled their customers on how using streaming video improved their product sales, and produced a report you can download at the bottom of the Vzaar page linked above.

Some of the results included:

  • Diamond Jewellery United based in Antwerp Belgium, saw their sales increase by 65% four months after implementing product videos.
  • Industry Recycles who sell second hand equipment, saw an increase in sales over 12 months by over 307%,
  • Yesil, an online furniture website, saw a 50% increase in web traffic transferring to a rise of 30% in sales over the same period.

The report, which I recommend that you download, concludes that “the experiences from all four businesses have echoed two main benefits to adding product videos: Improved turnover as a result of video driving conversions and fewer product returns as a result of better product understanding.”

Sounds accurate to me. If you’re looking for a reason to ramp up your streaming video activities, perhaps this data will help.

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