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Choosing the Resolution for Lower Rungs on Your Encoding Ladder

Your encoding ladder should include lower resolution rungs even if higher resolution rungs deliver better quality. This blog explains why.  Several lessons in the online course Streaming Media 101: Technical Onboarding for Streaming Media Professionals focus on creating and configuring encoding ladders, including the Convex Hull technique discussed below. With …

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New Course for Sales and Marketing Professionals New to Streaming Media

The course teaches the technology and market knowledge necessary to effectively market and sell streaming-related products and services Just a brief note to announce the Streaming Learning Center’s newest course, Streaming Media 101: for Sales and Marketing Professionals. The course provides the technology and market knowledge necessary for new marketing …

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Which Codec Does YouTube Use, Part III

This article analyzes the codecs used by YouTube for 4K videos with millions of views, and the savings that AV1 and VP9 deliver over YouTube’s full encoding ladder.  This is the third in a series of articles written about which codecs YouTube uses. The first covers which codecs YouTube uses …

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Another Five-Star Review for Streaming Production Course

These two students found the streaming production course, Streaming Media 101, quite helpful.

I’m pleased to report another five-star review for the streaming production course Streaming Media 101: Technical Onboarding for Streaming Media Professionals. So far, the course has been taken hundreds of times with eleven reviews, all five stars. Here’s what the latest review, from Lasse Bronsholt, had to say. The Streaming …

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Which Codecs Does YouTube Use?

This article reviews which codecs YouTube uses for the unrelenting torrent of videos that it ingests and encodes. The data suggest that AV1 is only worthwhile for videos with view counts in the mid-to-high millions, but VP9 is worth considering for view counts in excess of a few thousand.  As …

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AVQT Compared to VMAF and SSIMPLUS

Author’s note: After completing this long and arduous post, Apple sent a note that I was interpolating their scores incorrectly, leading to more analysis shown as an addendum below.  What: This article compares Apple’s AVQT metric to VMAF and SSIMWAVE’s SSIMPLUS metrics, with very limited subjective testing from Subjectify.us. The …

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Testing Video Quality With Apple AVQT

In the first article in this series, Baby Steps with Apple’s Advanced Video Quality Tool and Quality Metric, I detailed what Apple’s Advanced Video Quality Tool (AVQT) is and how to use it. In this article, I tested multiple video files with Apple AVQT and describe my user experience. In …

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