The State of CMAF: The Holy Grail or Just Another Format?

My article, The State of CMAF: The Holy Grail or Just Another Format?, just published on the Streaming Media website.

Here’s the enticing intro:

The holy grail of streaming is a single set of files that you can safely deliver to all target endpoints. The most likely candidate to help achieve this is the Common Media Application Format (CMAF). While still not capable of delivering the holy grail to all clients everywhere, CMAF has emerged as the DNA of an interoperability effort that will dramatically simplify compatibility between publishers and players. And ultimately, it may yet deliver the holy grail.

Major sections detail:

  • What CMAF is (hint: it’s the antidote to the storage problems shown in the image above)
  • Key benefits
  • Most pressing implementation issues
  • When it makes sense to deploy CMAF
  • Factors that dictate deployment flexibility
  • Why CMAF is destined to succeed.

If you want to learn what CMAF is and why it’s important, have a look.

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