Streaming Learning Center Launches First FFmpeg Course

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m launching a video course entitled, Produce Videos with FFmpeg: The Beginner’s Course. The course costs $29.95 and includes 32 video lessons totaling about 3 hours of video with downloadable PDFs of the content covered. Students will learn basics like how to configure video resolution and frame rate, two-pass encoding for H264, HEVC, and VP9, and advanced skills like how to package H.264 and HEVC content into DASH and HLS packaging with Bento4.

Two of the lessons are available in the free preview, Lesson 3, Choosing Codecs and Container Formats, and Lesson 8, Scaling and Letterboxing. You will have to register to view the free lessons.

Most lessons include data like the table below showing the quality and/or encoding time implications of each option to enable students to make informed configuration decisions. In this case, not only will the student learn how to set the number of reference frames in the command string, but also how the number of reference frames impacts quality (not very much) and encoding time (quite a bit).

The course is designed to be used in two ways. Those new to FFmpeg can work through the lessons in order and learn how to build a command string. Or, students can use it interactively to solve problems in their FFmpeg practice.

I see the course as a complement to my book, shown above. Some people like to learn by reading, others by watching.

For those who care about these things, I’m launching the course on the Thinkific platform. I’ve long envisioned the Streaming Learning Center as a place for streaming-related courses and I’m excited to finally get started. Expect more course-related announcements over the next couple of weeks.

Here’s a link to the course description for more details.

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