New Five-Star Review for FFmpeg Book

Derrick Freeman is a luminary in the Streaming Video world, an expert on Wowza Streaming Engine and Telestream Wirecast (among other products) who has consulted with and instructed dozens of companies, universities, and other organizations. When Derrick needed to learn how to use FFmpeg, he purchased a copy of my book, Learn to Produce Video with FFmpeg in 30 Minutes or Less: 2018 Edition.

Here’s his five-star Amazon review:

His final comment encapsulates the value I wanted to deliver with the book. “If you want to save yourself countless hours in learning how to create your ABR encoding ladders for H.264, VP9, and HEVC, make sure you purchase this book.”

Every author enjoys positive reviews; when they come from an expert like Derrick, they are especially appreciated.

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I help companies train new technical hires in streaming media-related positions; I also help companies optimize their codec selections and encoding stacks, and evaluate new encoders and codecs.

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