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How to Shine in a Zoom Webinar

My wife was watching a webinar for CME and there were two physicians with such picture perfect presentation that I just had to snap the image and comment. The list of what these two did right is lengthy and instructive.

  1. Both practiced perfect rule-of-thirds positioning, with their eyes about 1/3 down from the top of the frame. For this reason, their eyes are almost exactly on the same level, which is what you strive for with multiple people on screen.
  2. Both have perfect medium closeup framing, armpits to slightly over the top of the head. For this reason, they both look about the same size, another goal.
  3. Both cameras are at eye level so we’re not looking up their noses.
  4. The backgrounds are simple and uncluttered
  5. Clothing is a single color and neither too bright nor too dark, avoiding excessive contrast ratio.
  6. The lighting is primarily top-down but still very tasteful and both images are very clear.
  7. Though you can’t see it in this image, the audio from both physicians was very clear and easy to understand.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced many of us to spend more time on-camera than ever before with minimal training. Setting up a professional-looking space for producing your videos and understanding basics like those discussed above can make a huge difference in the impression that you make.

Here’s a video I produced on this topic.




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