Webinar: Comparing EVC, LCEVC, and VVC with H.264, HEVC, and AV1

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Webinar: Comparing EVC, LCEVC, and VVC with H.264, HEVC, and AV1

Tue, March 1, 2022 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM EST

Announcing a free webinar to discuss findings from the recent Streaming Media article entitled Testing EVC, VVC, and LCEVC: How Do the Latest MPEG Codecs Stack Up? If you haven’t seen the article, it compares EVC (main and baseline profiles), LCEVC (with x265 as a base layer), and VVC with x265, x264, Libaom-AV1, and the MainConcept HEVC encoder.

Why not just read the article and skip the webinar? Several reasons:

  • You’ll see individual clip results. The article presented only summary findings. The webinar will include individual rate-distortion curves and BD-Rate results for Crowd Run, Sintel, EuroTruckSimulator2, and snippets from the movie Elektra and Harmonic Football test clip.
  • You’ll learn how LCEVC performs with AV1 as a base layer. As an enhancement codec, LCEVC is limited by the quality of the base layer. In the article, LCEVC with x265 as a base layer did well, but an open question was whether this performance would scale with higher quality codecs. The webinar will present these results.
  • You’ll learn how the MainConcept HEVC encoder compares to x265 using 2-pass VBR encoding. The article included the MainConcept HEVC codec because Moscow State University tests show x265 as a laggard that doesn’t represent true HEVC encoding performance. MainConcept performs better in MSU trials and is available as an FFmpeg plug-in which simplified testing (the same codec is also available in SDKs). In the article, MainConcept outperformed x265 by about 20% but that was with QP/CRF-based encodes. The webinar will include new 2-pass VBR-based comparison data to reveal if MainConcept is an effective replacement for current x265 users.
  • You’ll get updated on the royalty and implementation status of EVC, LCEVC, and VVC. This information wasn’t included in the article.
  • You can ask questions. Registrants are invited to ask questions that will be addressed either before, during, or after the webinar.

Who Should Attend?

• Encoding professionals who want to learn about the comparable performance of all relevant codecs
• Technologists charged with evaluating and/or deploying new codecs in their organizations

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