Talking Codecs on the Video Insiders Podcast

I’m a big fan of the Video Insiders podcast and have learned a lot from many of the episodes. I’m proud to have joined Dror Gill and Mark Donnigan for episode 70, which you can listen to or download here. Here’s the description:

The Video Insiders podcast is celebrating 70(!) episodes with a very special guest – Jan Ozer, codec and streaming expert for the past 30 years. We talk about the technical merits of the various codecs, what will influence their adoption across web browsers, mobile devices and TVs, and what the future holds for AI-based codecs.

That 30 years thing can’t be right, but otherwise, the session covered a lot of ground including what forces are driving AV1 and HEVC forward and projections for VVC, EVC, and LCEVC, plus where and when AI-based codecs will start to appear. If you get a chance, have a listen.

Congrats on 70 episodes, guys!

About Jan Ozer

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I help companies train new technical hires in streaming media-related positions; I also help companies optimize their codec selections and encoding stacks, and evaluate new encoders and codecs.

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