March, 2021

February, 2021

  • 24 February

    Engineer and IT Professional Recommend Streaming Media 101

    Happy to share two new five-star reviews for Streaming Media 101, the only online training course available for onboarding new streaming media professionals, whether coming from the IT discipline or via engineering. Engineer Chris Joyce commented, As an engineer, I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t want to pay …

  • 17 February

    Bitmovin Licenses Training Content from the Streaming Learning Center to Include in Internal LMS

    Bitmovin (https://bitmovin.com/) has partnered with Jan Ozer, a recognized expert in streaming media and encoding, to provide its new engineering and solutions employees with his Streaming Media 101 course (https://courses.streaminglearningcenter.com/). The course–which has been fully integrated into Bitmovin’s internal learning management system–provides industry-specific content that helps new Bitmovin employees quickly …

  • 15 February

    Video Camera and Webcam Framing for Live and VOD Productions

    Framing is the act of placing the subject within the camera frame. Do it correctly and the video looks just like your viewers are used to seeing on TV. Mess up here and you compromise the quality of your video from the start. This 12:42 video teaches you artistic fundamentals …

  • 8 February

    Beginner’s Guide to Codecs

    This post provides an introduction to video codecs. It’s an entry-level article designed to help streaming newbies understand what codecs are, what they do, how to compare them, and why they succeed or fail.  Video codecs are compression technologies that reduce the bitrate of digital video to manageable sizes. Video …

  • 4 February

    Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Camera for Live Streaming

    This post discusses factors to consider when choosing a camera for four types of live events. It’s adapted from training materials prepared for a live streaming boot camp I’m producing at Streaming Media Connect on Tuesday, February 23: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (ET) / 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (PT). …

January, 2021

  • 30 January

    Presentation Handouts

    There are the handouts from the last few Streaming Media Events. They’re typically long and very detailed, so provide a lot of data and other information. I’ve segmented them by subject and included the videos where available. I hope you find this information useful. Production and Delivery FFmpeg Visual Quality …

  • 19 January

    Beginner’s Guide to Live Streaming

    Welcome to this introduction to live streaming, which details what live streaming is, how it works, and technology alternatives to implement live streaming, from third-party service providers to DIY (do it yourself).  What is Live Streaming? Live streaming is a one-to-many technology that: Inputs a single video stream from a …

  • 16 January

    Live and VOD Bootcamps at Streaming Media Connect

    I’m teaching two boot camps (virtually) at an upcoming Streaming Media Connect event, one for VOD and the other for live streaming; each costs $199. The courses are designed for newbies who need to get up to speed quickly on these topics. If the courses sound familiar, I taught both …