Join Me at the Battle of the Codecs Tonight

I’ve been pondering what drives codec adoption since I joined compression company Iterated Systems back in 1993. Tonight, I have the opportunity to explore the subject in detail at a meetup sponsored by Bitmovin as an adjunct to the Demuxed conference here in San Francisco.

Entitled The Battle of the Codecs: AV1 vs VVC, the meetup will be held tonight (Wed, October 17, 2018) between 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT at 301 Howard St, 18th Floor, Suite 1800 in San Francisco. Specifically, the event will feature an in-depth discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of H.264, VP9, HEVC, AV1, and VVC. First, attendees will be divided into groups for codec-specific discussions, then the entire group will reassemble to synthesize the results. Group discussions will be led by:

  • Christian Feldmann, Codec Engineer, Bitmovin
  • Colleen Henry, Cobra Commander of Facebook Video Special Forces
  • Oliver Gunasekara, CEO & Founder at NGCodec
  • Thierry Fautier, President-Chair at Ultra HD Forum & VP Video Strategy Harmonic
  • Tom Vaughan, VP Strategy at Beamr

And l (Jan Ozer) will moderate.

Between the experience of the discussion leaders and the expertise of the attendees, I think we’ll all learn a lot about the factors that will drive the adoption of these and other codecs over the next few years.

The event is free and NOT limited to Demux attendees. You can sign up to attend here.  If you can’t make it, look for a summary of findings in Streaming Media Magazine later this week (or early next week).

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I help companies train new technical hires in streaming media-related positions; I also help companies optimize their codec selections and encoding stacks and evaluate new encoders and codecs. I am a contributing editor to Streaming Media Magazine, writing about codecs and encoding tools. I have written multiple authoritative books on video encoding, including Video Encoding by the Numbers: Eliminate the Guesswork from your Streaming Video ( and Learn to Produce Video with FFmpeg: In Thirty Minutes or Less ( I have multiple courses relating to streaming media production, all available at I currently work as as a Senior Director in Marketing.

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