Technical Emmy won by NETINT.

Jan Ozer Becomes Unrestricted Free Agent

Watch out Saquon! Sorry for the spring training, pre-combine sports reference, but it seems appropriate. 

I’m parting company with NETINT effective March 30, 2024. I want to thank CEO Alex Liu and my boss, Mark Donnigan, for the opportunity to work with NETINT for the last 18 months.

One of my initial responsibilities was developing NETINT’s editorial strategy and increasing the company’s visibility. NETINT’s recent Technical Emmy win signals “mission accomplished.”

No single person can take credit for that award; Quadra is a fabulous product and well deserving, but here’s what my team did to increase the company’s visibility. By team, I mean Mark and myself, Anita Flejter, who managed social media, media production, and web production, Patti Lorin, NETINT’s creative director, and marketing specialist Julieta Arias.

Here’s a brief list of our activities.

·      I wrote over 80 articles for, with collateral from Patti and Anita, also published on LinkedIn and Medium. These highlighted key product advantages and included top-of-funnel introductory content, bottom-of-funnel white papers, extensive product reviews, and case studies.
·      Our aggressive LinkedIn promotion of this content produced a 700% increase in NETINT’s LinkedIn followers.
·      NETINT launched Voices of Video, a podcast for which I hosted over 60% of the episodes.
·      I created the programs and secured most speakers for two half-day online symposiums, which attracted over 400 new prospects between the live and VOD events.
·      I spoke at multiple virtual and in-person conferences, including the NAB Streaming Summit, Mile High Video, Streaming Media East, and Agora and Movi, and manned the booth at NAB and IBC.
·      I pitched and wrote the reviewer’s guide for what turned out to be a fabulous review in Streaming Media Magazine.

In late 2023, these efforts bore fruit. In October, NETINT was selected one of the top 100 companies in the Streaming Media Universe and was a runner-up in the Streaming Media Reader’s Choice awards. In February 2024, NETINT won the aforementioned Emmy award.

What’s next? In the short term, I’ll return to the freelance practice I pursued before NETINT, including writing for Streaming Media, performing codec benchmark and similar technical studies, and various freelance articles. I will consult with NETINT going forward on a non-exclusive basis. Over the mid to longer term, given how much I enjoyed the marketing strategy and implementation pursued at NETINT, I hope to pursue the same for other companies, either full-time or on a fractional basis.

I will deeply miss the day-to-day interactions with Anita and Patti. Mark is a veritable idea machine, and he conceived many of the activities detailed above, including the symposium and podcast.

I will also miss interacting with NETINT’s talented engineers and FAEs. NETINT has a wonderfully bright future, as you’ll see if you stop by their booth at NAB.

I’ll also be at NAB; If you’re there and would like to connect, please reach out at [email protected]. I hope to see you there.

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