Darth Vader endorses the StreamingMedia Sourcebook

I write for StreamingMedia Magazine, and one of their most useful issues is the StreamingMedia Sourcebook, a double issue with lots of “year in review” and “what to expect in the upcoming year” type articles. In this video, editor Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen chats with Darth Vader about the upcoming editorial calendar. Not surprisingly, Darth had some fairly rigid ideas about what he wanted to see in the magazine going forward.

It’s a fun little video, and produced in a video conferencing tool called Oovoo. One of the key benefits of Oovoo is that you can record both sides of the conversation for later playback, which is what you’re seeing on YouTube. StreamingMedia magazine used to run audio-only podcast interviews; now they’re transitioning over to Oovoo.

Darth Vader (publisher Joel Unikow), who uploaded the video, assured me that the initial start-up stuttering was unusual, and the other Oovoo videos that I’ve seen have been very good quality.

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